Telemedicine is the practice of medicine with the help of telecommunications equipments.

Jothydev is a pioneer in this field who introduced the internet technology as most cost effective( cheapest) means of dissemination of medical knowledge, follow up of patients, medical education etc etc.

Jothydev uses telemedicine for the following purposes:

1.Follow up of diabetes patients via telephone/ e mail
2.Follow up of patients from other countries (using web cam)
3.CMEs via net
4.Follow up of patients when doctor is away (using video conferencing)

1. Consultation via Internet.
When doctor Jothydev is not available in India, patients can still maintain consultation, follow up from his clinic by fixing up appointments via telephone or email. The following are a few pictures of telemedicine consultation in the follow up of Asthma, Diabetes etc etc. The doctor is at Rochester, Minnesota, USA and the nurse and the patient is at Trivandrum, Kerala, India. This follow up are especially valuable for very elderly patients who gets cure and satisfaction by seeing their doctor and listening to his voice. These pictures depict a perfect example of how  internet can be utilised for telemedicine consultations.

2.Internet for medical education.
Dr.Sameer Badarudeen is a net savvy young doctor in Kerala. along with h8is teacher, jothydev has organised MCQ classes for medical students around the world. Trivandrum Medical College old students preparing for other exams used to gather for his class from various parts of the globe.

 3.Internet for patient management.
All patients on follow up at Dr. Jothydev's clinic can either contact him via email( if it is required can fix up a video conference with him.

4.CME via Internet
Dr. Jothydev has conducted both  patient education and doctors education programmes while he was in Mayo clinic, USA. These interactive programmes were conducted at utilising the cheap but effective technology of brad band internet 

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