Learning with a Difference


12th & 13th August 2017 at Udaya Samudra,Five star beach hotel, Kovalam, Trivandrum, India

7 credit hours approved by TCMC


Announcing and Accepting applications for P.Kesavadev JPEF Award for young researcher in India

From 2017, 5th JPEF Global Convention(Aug 12,13) onwards launching the prestigious Kesavadev JPEF Award.

1. The award will be for an young researcher and the original work should be unpublished at the time of submission.

2. The Award will carry a cash prize of 100,000, gold medal, citation and travel grant.

3. He/she should be aged 40 years or less and can be from any speciality of medicine or a basic scientist or from any other branch of science or nutrition. The research should contribute to the science of diabetes care, treatment of complications or prevention.

4. Research should be original, entirely done in India and should enrich or contribute to original diabetes research in India.

5. Applicants should send their complete biodata and details of their research work to the following email: jpefaward@jothydev.net

6. Last date of submission will be July 10, 2017

7. Final decision will be taken by the Kesavadev JPEF Award Committee members after intense scrutiny of all applications.

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On behalf of Kesavadev Trust and Jothydev's Diabetes Research Center, we take pleasure to invite you to the
5th JPEF ANNUAL GLOBAL CONVENTION 2017 scheduled on 12th and 13th August 2017.
The central theme of JPEF 2017 is "Learning with a Difference".

The exotic venue of Udaya Samudra Beach Hotel and the pristine beaches of Kovalam coupled with the most renowned faculty from India and abroad will definitely provide you an everlasting and highly productive learning experience on the latest drugs, devices and management strategies in diabetes.

We will be introducing several innovative learning tools and topics this year.
Register now to ensure your attendance and to get the latest updates on the biggest diabetes convention in Kerala!

Date : 12th & 13th August 2017
Venue : Udaya Samudra, Five star beach hotel, Kovalam, Trivandrum, India



Diabetes Educator Workshop, Technology Workshop, Foot Workshop, Nutrition Workshop,Lifestyle Therapy Workshop


IDF Presidential Oration, JPEF Oration, API Presidential Oration, Kesavadev Memorial Oration, Dr.V.C.Mathew Roy Memorial Oration


Insulin Symposia, Gliptin Symposia, Symposia on Controversies to Consensus, Mini Symposia on type 1 diabetes


Knowledge Database,
Debates, Meet the Experts

Program Schedule

DAY 1 : 12th August (Saturday)


Time:8:00 am onwards


Time:8.30-8:40 am

Classification of Oral Agents in Diabetes with Specific Mention on Indications and Contraindications
Speaker: Dr.Arun Shankar (Trivandrum), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Deepak K.Jumani (Mumbai)

Time:8:40-8.55 am

Newer Insulins and GLP-1 RAs:Confusing Terminologies and Composition Made Simpler for the Practitioner
Speaker: Dr.Ashwin David (Trivandrum), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Sunil Prasobh (Trivandrum)

Time:8.55-9.20 am

Sulphonyl Ureas: Same Class Different Behaviour!
Speaker: Dr.Banshi Saboo (Ahmedabad), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Mohan Varghese (Thiruvalla)

Time:9.20-9.45 am

Monitoring in Type 1 Diabetes: Challenges and Solutions
Speaker: Dr.Chandni R (Calicut), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Jayakumar C (Trivandrum)

Time:9.45-10.10 am

Does Size Influence Compliance?- The Time Tested SU+Metformin Revisited
Speaker: Dr.Abdul Hamid Zargar (Srinagar), Moderator/Chair: Dr. Mathew Thomas (Trivandrum)

Time:10.10-10.35 am

The New Emerging Data on SGLT2i and its Clinical Implications
Speaker: Dr.Rajiv Kovil (Mumbai), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Beena Unnikrishnan (Trivandrum)

Time:10.35-11.00 am

Will there be Adjunctive Therapy for T1D?
Speaker: Dr.Satish Garg (USA), Moderator/Chair: Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev (Trivandrum)

Time:11.00-11.20 am

P.Kesavadev Memorial Oration: Point of Care Diagnostics in Diabetes(GDM,IAA,IA-2, GAD, C-peptide & Salivary Glycoproteome)
Speaker: Dr.Ashok Kumar Das (Puducherry), Moderator/Chair: Dr. B.Jayakumar (Trivandrum)

Time:11.20-11.40 am

RSSDI Presidential Oration: Burden & Severity of Dysglycemia in HIV
Speaker: Dr.Sarita Bajaj (Allahabad), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Shiji P.V (Calicut)


Time:11.40-12.00 noon

Newer Basal Insulin: Does the Promise from Clinical Trials Translate into Clinical Practice?
Speaker: Dr A K Singh (Kolkata), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Abdul Hamid Zargar (Srinagar), Dr.Ashok Kumar Das (Puducherry)

Time:12.00-12.20 pm

Cardiovascular Outcome Trials: Perspectives and Insights from LEADER
Speaker: Dr.Roger Chen (Australia), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Abdul Hamid Zargar (Srinagar), Dr.Ashok Kumar Das (Puducherry)

Time:12.20-12.30 pm

Results from SUSTAIN and PIONEER: Simplifying GLP-1 Based Therapies
Speaker: Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev (Trivandrum), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Abdul Hamid Zargar (Srinagar), Dr.Ashok Kumar Das (Puducherry)

Time:12.30-12.50 pm

Optimizing Opportunities with Premix Insulins:Insulin Co-Formulation
Speaker: Dr.A.G Unnikrishnan (Pune), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Abdul Hamid Zargar (Srinagar), Dr.Ashok Kumar Das (Puducherry)

Time:12.50-1.10 pm

Insulin Dosing & Titration: Consensus Statement from JAPI 2017
Speaker: Dr.Manoj Chawla (Mumbai), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Abdul Hamid Zargar (Srinagar), Dr.Ashok Kumar Das (Puducherry)

Time:1:10-1:30 pm

Panel Discussion
All Faculty


Time:2:30-2.55 pm

Erectile Dysfunction=Endothelial Dysfunction= Emotional Dysfunction
Speaker: Dr.Deepak K. Jumani (Mumbai), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Ajith Chakravarthy (Trivandrum)

Time:2.55-3:20 pm

Next Generation Glargine:Redefining the Insulin Experience
Speaker: Dr.Reinhard H.A Becker (Germany), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Mohan T Shenoy (Trivandrum)

Time:3:20-3:45 pm

Containing Cost of Care
Speaker: Dr.Sreejith N Kumar (Trivandrum), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Jaiprakash Sai (Hyderabad)

Time:3.45-4.15 pm

Provocative Therapies-Probiotics in Diabetes
Speaker: Dr.Ranjit Unnikrishnan (Chennai), Moderator/Chair: Ms.Ruby Sound (Mumbai)

Time:4.15-4.35 pm

'Medical Nutrition Therapy in Type 1 Diabetes
Speaker: Ms.Kavita Gupta (Nagpur), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Rajesh Bhurkunde (Mumbai)

Time:4.35-5:00 pm


Time:5:00-5.20 pm

JPEF ORATION: Basal Intensification: Evidence Based Recommendation
Speaker: Dr.Banshi Saboo (Ahmedabad), Moderator/Chair: Dr.S.Madhusudanan (Trivandrum)

Time:5:20-5:45 pm

Raising the Standard of Care : Case at Hand Empagliflozin
Speaker: Dr.Venkataraman S (Chennai), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Sumesh Raj (Trivandrum)

Time:5:45-6.10 pm

DPP4 Inhibitors: Harbingers of Simplicity in T2D Management
Speaker: Dr.Ashok Kumar Das (Puducherry), Moderator/Chair: Dr. Rajapaul (Chennai)

Time:6.10-6.35 pm

Are the Endocrinologists and Cardiologists Reading the CVOTs Differently?
Speaker: Dr.Awadhesh Kumar Singh (Kolkata), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Srivastava (Kochi)

Time:6:35-7:00 pm

Cancer and Diabetes: The Disgusting Connection
Speaker: Dr.Anuj Maheswari (Lucknow), Moderator/Chair: Dr.P.G Balagopal (Kochi)

JPEF HIGHLIGHT SYMPOSIUM - Newer treatments and technologies in diabetes

Time:7:00-7:30 pm

New CGMS and Artificial Pancreas Systems: Is that the Future for Insulin Requiring Patients?
Speaker: Dr.Satish Garg

Time:7:30-7:50 pm

Digitalising Diabetes Care: New Generation EMR and Mobile Apps
Speaker: Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev (Trivandrum)

Time:7:50-8:15 pm

Role of PERT(Pancreatic Enzyme Replacement Therapy) in Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency in T2D-The Evolving Science
Speaker: Dr.Rupjyoti Talukdar (Hyderabad)

Time:8:15-8:30 pm

Angiosomes in Revascularization of Diabetic Foot
Speaker: Dr.R.C Sreekumar (Trivandrum)
Moderator/Chair: Dr.Roger Chen (Australia), Dr.Banshi Saboo (Ahmedabad), Dr.Anuj Maheswari (Lucknow), Dr.Rakesh Sahay (Hyderabad)



Hall - B

Time: 8:30 - 9:05 am

Sulphonyl Ureas: Am I In or Am I Out?
Speaker: Dr.Harikrishnan R (Trivandrum)
GDM: Who Should Treat-Obstetrician or Diabetologist?
Speaker: Dr. Benny P.V (Trivandrum)
Type 2 Diabetes in Children
Speaker: Dr.Rajiv Kovil (Mumbai)
Moderator/Chair: Dr.Anuj Maheshwari (Lucknow)

Time: 9:05 - 9:30 am

Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose: 2 Clinical Scenarios
Speaker: Dr.Sabeer A Rasheed (Trivandrum), Moderator/Chair: Dr.PV. Ajith Kumar (Trivandrum)

Time: 9:30 - 9:55 am

Sulphonyl Ureas and Combination: A Consensus Statement
Speaker:Dr.A.G Unnikrishnan (Pune), Moderator/Chair: Dr.O.S Syam Sunder (Trivandrum)

Time: 9:55 - 10.20 am

Psychological Challenges Pre and Post Bariatric Surgery
Speaker:Mrs.Sunitha Jothydev (Trivandrum), Moderator/Chair:Ms.Kavita Gupta (Nagpur)

Time: 10.20 - 10.45 am

Revisting the Concept of Monitoring in T2DM:Exploring Glucometer Technology to Aid Better Clinical Outcomes
Speaker:Dr.Ritu Johari (Mumbai), Moderator/Chair:Dr.Chandni.R (Calicut)

Time: 10.45 - 11:00 am

Original Research in Jothydev's: An Overview
Speaker:Dr.Lakshmy Ramachandran (Trivandrum), Moderator/Chair:Dr.Abdul Hamid Zargar (Srinagar)

Technology Workshop

Time: 11:00-12:15 pm

Speaker: Dr.Manoj Chawla (Mumbai)
AGP with LibrePro
Speaker: Dr.Arun Shankar (Trivandrum)
Insulin Pump: Basics
Speaker: Dr.Ashwin David (Trivandrum)
Insulin Pump: Guidelines and Recommendations
Speaker: Mrs.Gopika Krishnan (Trivandrum)
Diet while on an Insulin Pump
Speaker: Mrs. Geethu Sanal (Trivandrum)
Point of Care HbA1c
Speaker: Dr.Rohit Warrier (Trivandrum)
Glucometer with Bluetooth Connected Mobile Phone Apps
Speaker: Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev (Trivandrum)
Moderator/Chair: Dr.Manoj Chawla (Mumbai)

Time: 12:15 - 12:40 pm

The Right Calcium Channel Blocker in Diabetic Hypertensives
Speaker:Dr.K.R. Santhosh (Trivandrum), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Riaz Ahammed (Dubai)

Time: 12:40 - 1:30 pm

Clinical Case Discussions


Time: 2:30 - 2:50 pm

Common Minor Infections in Diabetes- Choice of Therapies for Outpatient Care
Speaker:Dr.Rajalakshmi Arjun (Trivandrum), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Jayalakshmi Kurup (Kochi)

Time: 2.50 - 3.10 pm

SGLT2 Inhibitors vs GLP-1 Agonists-Pros and Cons (for SGLT2i)
Speaker:Dr.Prasanth Sankar (Pathanamthitta), Moderator/Chair:Dr.Jaiprakash Sai (Hyderabad)

Time: 3.10 - 3.30 pm

SGLT2 Inhibitors vs GLP-1 Agonists-Pros and Cons (for GLP-1 RA)
Speaker:Dr. Sunil Prasobh (Trivandrum), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Vasudevan Potty (Trivandrum)

Time: 3:30 - 3:55 pm

Statin Induced Diabetes
Speaker:Dr.AV.Raveendran (Dubai), Moderator/Chair:Dr. Rajapaul (Chennai)

Time: 3.55 - 4:30 pm

Panel Discussion 2: Kidney Disease, Genito urinary and Sexual dysfunction in diabetes
Common Genital and Urinary Infections in Diabetes
Speaker:Dr. Beena Unnikrishnan (Trivandrum)
How to Treat Sexual Dysfunction in Diabetes?
Speaker: Dr. Vasudevan Potty (Trivandrum)
Diabetic Kidney Disease: an Update on Renal Replacement Therapies
Speaker: Dr. Geetha M Nair (Trivandrum)
Moderator/Chair: Dr.Chacko Varghese (Trivandrum)

Time: 5.00 - 5.25 pm

Food and Drug Interaction with Different Diabetes Drugs: What Should Diabetes Educator Know?
Speaker: Ms.Rekha Gupta (Varanasi), Moderator/Chair:Mrs.Sunitha Jothydev (Trivandrum)

Time: 5:25 - 5:50 pm

Immunization in Diabetes
Speaker: Dr.Hemant Thacker (Mumbai), Moderator/Chair:Dr.Samar Banerjee (Kolkata)

Time: 5:50 - 7:00 pm

Lifestyle Workshop
Physical Fitness in Diabetes
Speaker: Dr.Ashwin David (Trivandrum)
Yoga in Diabetes
Zumba and Diabetes
Moderator/Chair:Dr.Ashwin David (Trivandrum)



Time:8.30: 8.55 am

Newer Insights into the Effects of Diabetes in Pregnancy on the Developing Brain
Speaker: Dr.Samar Banerjee (Kolkata), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Prasanth Sankar (Pathanamthitta)

Time:8.55-9.20 am

Significance of Thyroid Evaluation in Subjects with Diabetes: Insights from the ATA Guidelines
Speaker: Dr.P.K Jabbar (Trivandrum), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Chacko Varghese (Trivandrum)

Time:9.20-9.45 am

How Significant are the Injection Techniques in Diabetes Outcomes?
Speaker: Dr.Sunil Gupta (Nagpur), Moderator/Chair: Dr.C.Jayakumari (Trivandrum)

Time:9.45-10.10 am

CANVAS Program: Clinical Practice Implications
Speaker:Dr.Mathew John (Trivandrum), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Arun Shankar (Trivandrum)

Time:10.10-10.35 am

Is Metabolic Syndrome a High Risk for Cirrhosis Liver?
Speaker: Dr.Rakesh Sahay (Trivandrum), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Radhakrishnan A.P (Palakkad)

Time:10.35-11.00 am

Transalating CV Outcome Trials into Diabetes Practice-How to Make it Simple?
Speaker: Dr.Brij Mohan Makkar (New Delhi), Moderator/Chair: Dr.D.Thankam (Trivandrum)

Time:11-11.25 am

Optimizing Glycemic Control with DPP4 Inhibitors: Gemigliptin
Speaker: Dr.S.R Aravind (Bangalore), Moderator/Chair: Dr.S. Rajalakshmy (Trivandrum)

Time:11.25-11.50 am

Managing Diabetes in Gulf: a Different Experience
Speaker: Dr.Riaz Ahammad (Dubai), Moderator/Chair: A.V Raveendran (Oman)

Time:11.50-12.15 pm

Indian Phenotype-Need for a Comprehensive Treatment
Speaker: Dr.A Ramachandran (Chennai), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Samar Banerjee (Kolkata)

Time:12.15: 12.40 pm

SGLT2i-From Clinical Trials to Real World
Speaker: Dr.Awadhesh Kumar Singh (Kolkata), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Sabeer A Rasheed (Trivandrum)

Time:12.40-1:05 pm

A Decade of Gliptins: How Hyperglycemia Management Changed to Dysglycemia Management
Speaker: Dr.J.J Mukherjee (Kolkata), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Amritlal P (Kollam)

Time:1:05-1:30 pm

The Newer Trends in Human Insulin Therapy to Improve Adherence and Treatment Outcome
Speaker: Dr.Hemant Thacker (Mumbai), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Rameshan Pillai (Trivandrum)


Time:2:30-2.55 pm

Type 1 Diabetes: Exercise, Carbohydrate Loading and Unloading 
Speaker: Dr.Shilpa Joshi (Mumbai), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Seenaj Chandran (Kochi)

Time:2.55-3.20 pm

DPP4i: Decade Past and the Decade to Come
Speaker: Dr.Suresh Damodaran (Coimbatore), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Sandeep R (Trivandrum)

Time:3.20-3.45 pm

Chronic Kidney Disease in Diabetes: How to Manage and When to Refer to a Nephrologist?
Speaker: Dr.Manisha Sahay (Hyderabad), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Vasudevan Potty (Trivandrum)

Time:3.45-4.05 pm

Dr.V.C. Mathew Roy Memorial Oration : Fight Diabetes: How Early to Act?
Speaker: Dr.A Ramachandran (Chennai)), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Jayakrishnan B (Malappuram)

Time:4.05-4.30 pm

Ambulatory Glucose Profile-Real Life Experience and How to Interpret Data
Speaker: Dr.Johnny J.Kannampilly (Kochi), Moderator/Chair: Dr. Ajayakumar (Kochi)

Time:4.30-4:55 pm

Tissue Engineering Principles in Diabetes
Speaker: Dr.Rohit Warrier (Trivandrum), Moderator/Chair:Dr. Ajith Kumar (Trivandrum)

Time:4.55-5:00 pm

Vote of Thanks


Hall - B

Time: 8.30 - 9:00 am

Symposium : Heart Failure in Diabetes
Speaker:Dr. Brij Mohan Makkar (New Delhi)
How to Identify and Preserve Ejection Fraction
Speaker: Dr. Harikrishnan S (Trivandrum)
Drugs for Diabetes and Hypertension to be Avoided in Heart Failure
Speaker: Dr.Awadhesh Kumar Singh (Kolkata)
Moderator/Chair: Dr.Thomas Titus (Trivandrum)

Time: 9.00 - 9:45 am

Role of Diabetes Educator in the Team
Speaker:Ms.Ruby Sound (Mumbai)
Monitoring Glucose with Glucose Meter: Demonstration
Speaker: Dr.Ritu Johari (Mumbai)
Common Mistakes with Injections in Diabetes
Speaker:Ms.Rekha Gupta (Varanasi)
Moderator/Chair:Dr.Suresh Damodaran (Coimbatore), Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev (Trivandrum)

Time: 9:45 - 10.10 am

A Practical Diet for Managing Obesity in Healthy and in T2DM
Speaker: Dr.Dharini Krishnan (Chennai), Moderator/Chair:Ms.Annie Ajai (Kochi)

Time: 10.10 - 10.25 am

When Statins Fail: PCSK9 Inhibitors
Speaker:Dr.Harikrishnan R (Trivandrum), Moderator/Chair: Dr.Ramesan Pillai (Trivandrum)

Time: 10.25 - 11.20 am

Saturated Fat Good or Bad in Diabetes?
Speaker: Dr.Shilpa Joshi (Mumbai)
Role of Exercise in Management of Diabetes - a Dietitian's Perspective
Speaker: Ms.Ruby Sound (Mumbai)
Indian Diet : How Can We Convert it Diabetic Friendly?
Speaker: Ms.Kavita Gupta (Nagpur)
Importance of Protein in Diabetic Diet and Hands on Experience on Protein Calculation
Speaker: Dr. Dharini Krishnan (Chennai)
Dietary Recommendations in Gestational Diabetes
Speaker: Ms.Geethu Sanal(Trivandrum)
Moderator/Chair:Dr.Shilpa Joshi (Mumbai), Dr.Dharini Krishnan (Chennai)

Time: 11:20 - 11.40 am

Should We Screen All Subjects with Diabetes for Thyroid Dysfunction?
Speaker:Dr.Thushanth Thomas (Trivandrum), Moderator/Chair:Dr.Anil Vijayakumar (Kollam)

Time: 11.40 - 12:00 noon

Updated Guidelines on Blood Pressure and Lipid Management in Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes
Speaker:Dr.Shifas Babu M (Trivandrum), Moderator/Chair:Dr.Thomas Paul (Angamaly)

Time: 12:00 - 12.50 pm

Foot Workshop
Antibiotic Policies and Recent Developments in the Management of Diabetic Foot
Speaker: Dr.Ajith Kumar S (Trivandrum)
Offloading and Footwears
Speaker:Dr.Johnny J. Kannampilly (Kochi)
Preventive Podiatry
Speaker:Dr.Sreekumar R.C (Trivandrum)
Moderator/Chair:Dr.Johnny J. Kannampilly (Kochi)

Time: 12:50 - 1:10 pm

Diabetes and Eye Disease: What Should You Know?
Speaker:Dr.Devin Prabhakar (Trivandrum), Moderator/Chair:Dr.R.C Sreekumar (Trivandrum)

Time: 1:10 - 1:30 pm

Fatty Liver in Prediabetes and Diabetes: Is it a Silent Epidemic?
Speaker:Dr.Shiji P.V (Calicut), Moderator/Chair:C.Jayakumari (Trivandrum)



Dr.Satish Garg
Dr.Roger Chen
Dr.Reinhard Becker
Dr.Riaz Ahammad


Dr.Abdul Hamid Zargar
Dr.Anuj Maheswari
Dr.Aravind S.R
Dr.Ashok Kumar Das
Dr.A.K Singh
Dr.Banshi Saboo
Dr.Binayak Sinha
Dr.Deepak K. Jumani
Dr.Dharini Krishnan
Dr.Hemant Thacker
Dr.Jaiprakash Sai
Dr.J.J. Mukerjee
Dr.Kavita Gupta
Dr.Makkar B.M
Dr.Manisha Sahay
Dr.Manoj S.Chawla
Dr.Rajiv Kovil
Dr.Rakesh Sahay
Dr.Ranjit Unnikrishnan
Dr.Rekha Gupta
Dr.Ritu Johari
Dr.Ruby Sound
Dr.Rupjyoti Talukdar
Dr.Samar Banerjee
Dr.Sarita Bajaj
Dr.Shilpa Joshi
Dr.Sunil Gupta
Dr.Suresh Damodaran
Dr.Unnikrishnan A.G


Dr. Ajayakumar

Dr. Ajith Chakravarthy

Dr. Ajith Kumar P. V

Dr. Ajith Kumar S

Dr. Amrithlal P

Dr. Anil Vijayakumar

Ms. Annie Ajay

Dr. Arun Shankar

Dr. Ashwin David Ashok

Dr. Balachandran K

Dr. Balagopal P G

Dr. Beena Unnikrishnan

Dr. Benny P V

Dr. Chacko Varghese

Dr.Chandini R

Dr. Devin Prabhakar

Dr. Geetha M Nair

Ms.Geethu Sanal

Ms. Gopika Krishnan

Dr. Harikrishnan S

Dr. Harikrishnan R

Dr. Jabbar P K

Dr. Jayakrishnan B

Dr. Jayakumar B

Dr. Jayakumar C

Dr. Jayakumari C

Dr. Jayalakshmi Kurup

Dr. Johnny J. Kannampilly

Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev

Dr. Lakshmy Ramachandran

Dr. Madhusudanan S

Dr. Mathew Thomas

Dr. Mathew John

Dr. Mohan T Shenoy

Dr. Mohan Varghese

Dr. Prashanth Sankar

Dr. Rajalakshmi Arjun

Dr. Rajalakshmi S

Dr. Raveendran A V

Dr. Radhakrishnan A P

Dr. Ramesan Pillai

Dr. Rohit Warrier

Dr. Sabeer A Rasheed

Dr. Sabine Sivadasan

Dr. Santhosh K R

Dr. Sandeep R

Dr. Seenaj Chandran

Dr. Shifas Babu M

Dr. Shiji P V

Dr. Sreejith N Kumar

Dr. Sreekumar R C

Dr. Srivastava

Dr. Sunil Prashob

Ms. Sunitha Jothydev

Dr. Sumesh Raj

Dr. Syam Sunder O S

Dr. Thankam D

Dr. Thomas Paul

Dr. Thomas Titus

Dr. Thushanth Thomas

Dr. Vasudevan Potty

Dr. Vijayakumar G

Local Organising Committee

Dr.Sunil Prasobh

Dr. Harikrishnan

Dr.Mathew John

Dr.Sabeer A Rasheed

Dr.Prasanth Sankar

Dr.Radhakrishnan A.P


Dr.Devin Prabahakar

Dr.Benny P.V


Core Organising Committee

Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev

Sunitha Jothydev

Arun Shankar

Gopika Krishnan

Ashwin David

Rohit Warrier


National JPEF Scientific Committee

Dr.Ashok Kumar Das

Dr.Banshi Saboo

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