Inviting applications for P.KESAVADEV JPEF AWARD 2019

for the Best Young Researcher in Diabetes

CASH PRIZE of INR 1,00,000 (US $1500)

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Abstract Submission Open for JPEF 2019!

The best abstracts will win prizes worth INR 50,000!!

To research is to make scientific progress.We invite contemporary medicine doctors, researchers, dietitians and allied healthcare professionals from India and abroad to present cutting the edge research in the field of diabetes at the 7th Jothydev's Professional Education Forum (JPEF) Annual Global Diabetes Convention 2019.

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Abstract submission deadline: Sunday, 1st July 2019, 23:59 p.m. IST.


10th & 11th August 2019 at Uday Samudra beach hotel, Trivandrum, Kerala

It is with distinct pleasure that we invite you to the 7th Jothydev's Professional Education Forum (JPEF) Annual Global Diabetes Convention 2019, which has established itself as the biggest of its kind in Kerala. This conference in recent years has become one of the most prominent gathering in South India for promoting the pedagogical purpose of diabetes research and latest advancements in diabetes care. This two-day convention is organised by JPEF under the aegis of P. Kesavadev Trust in association with DiabetesIndia.

The theme of the 7th JPEF Annual Global Diabetes Convention is ‘In the ocean of advances, learning is power’. We strive to promote contemporary learning style akin to previous years, with a significant number of distinguished speakers, both at national and international level, speaking on a wide array of topics important for diabetes health care professionals. This for sure would help both established health care professionals and students alike to broaden the horizons of their clinical practice.

The contemporary Uday Samudra Hotel located at the pristine beaches of Kovalam will serve as the convention centre, hardly 20 minutes’ drive from the airport. Located just 15 meters from the sea, Uday Samudra is an exclusive 5-star beach hotel-a destination by itself. Comfortable accommodation is also available for the delegates at Kovalam's top-rated hotels like The Leela, Taj Cove, Uday Samudra, Turtle on the Beach, Sagara Beach Resort and many more.

We eagerly look forward to meeting you at Kovalam, Trivandrum.

Date : 10th & 11th August 2019
Venue : Udaya Samudra, Five star beach hotel, Kovalam, Trivandrum, India




Pearls for practice-making a difference in 5 minutes

Pancreatic regulation of blood sugar dynamics

Health care delivery model in India; how relevant is it for diabetes care?

Molecular mechanisms of insulin gene regulation? Why is it clinically important?

Epigenetics of type 2 diabetes. What do we understand now?

Novel Molecular Target and Therapeutics for Autoimmune Diabetes

Newer technologies and diabetes. Is this the right solution?

SGLT2 inhibitors in contemporary diabetes care; extrapolating results from CREDENCE and DECLARE-TIMI

Gut microbiota and diabetes: are we closing the gap in pathogenesis?

Deconvoluting big data; what is important to achieve blood sugar target?

Diabetes and the mind: what do we understand?

SGLT2 inhibitors: possible boon in Type 1 diabetes?

Digital diabetes care: now and the future

Artificial Pancreas 2019-what to expect?

Does biomarkers in blood, urine and genes predict early DKD?



Dr.Gary Kilov
Dr.Pratik Choudhary
(United Kingdom)
Dr.Bruce Bode
Dr.Hossam Arafa Ghazi
Dr.Ali Siyan
Dr.Parameswaran Ramakrishnan
Dr.Santhosh Koshy
Dr.Raveendran A.V
(Sultanate of Oman)


Dr.Awadhesh Kumar Singh
Dr.Anjana Ranjit Mohan
Dr.Ambrish Mithal
Dr.Ashok Kumar Das
Dr.Arvind Gupta
Dr.Aravind S.R
Dr.Abdul Hamid Zargar
Dr.Banshi Saboo
Dr.Brij Mohan Makkar
Dr.Bhargav Sosale
Dr.Deepak K.Jumani
Dr.Dhruvi Hasnani
Dr.Dharini Krishnan
Dr.Georgi Abraham
Dr.Hardik Chandarana
Dr.Hemant Thacker
Dr.Jayant Panda
Dr.Jayaprakash Sai J
Ms.Jazz Sethi
Dr.Krishna Seshadri
Dr.Kalyan Kumar Gangopadhyay
Dr.Mukherjee J.J
Dr.Neeta Deshpande
Dr.Purvi Chawla
Dr.Rajeev Chawla
Dr.Rajiv Kovil
Dr.Ranjit Unnikrishnan
Dr.Ravi Kiran
Ms.Ruby Sound
Dr.Rucha Mehta
Dr.Shaukat M. Sadikot
Dr.Shashank Joshi
Dr.Samit Ghosal
Dr.Shalini Jaggi
Dr.Shilpa Joshi
Dr.Sheryl Salis
Dr.Tejas Shah
Dr.A.G Unnikrishnan
Dr.Usha Sriram


Dr.Ajayakumar S, Adimali

Dr.Ajith Kumar P.V, Trivandrum

Dr.Ajith Kumar S, Trivandrum

Dr.Amrithlal P, Kollam

Dr.Anand Pillai, Trivandrum

Dr.Aneesh Ghosh, Trivandrum

Dr.Anil Vijayakumar, Kollam

Dt. Annie Ajai, Kochi

Dr.Anitha Nambiar S, Kochi

Dr.Arun Shankar, Trivandrum

Dr.Arun S Menon, Kochi

Dr. Ashwin David Ashok, Trivandrum

Dr. Balachandran K, Trivandrum

Dr. Balagopal P.G, Kochi

Dr.Balakrishnan Valliyot, Kannur

Dr.Beena Unnikrishnan, Trivandrum

Dr.Benny P. V, Trivandrum

Dr.Chacko Varghese, Trivandrum

Dr.Chandini R, Calicut

Dr.Devin Prabhakar, Trivandrum

Dr.Geetha M Nair, Trivandrum

Dt.Geethu Sanal, Trivandrum

Ms.Gopika Krishnan, Trivandrum

Dr.Harish Kumar G, Pala

Dr.Hari K, Kochi

Dr.Harikrishnan S, Trivandrum

Dr. Harikrishnan R, Trivandrum

Dr. Jabbar P.K, Trivandrum

Dr. Jayakrishnan B, Tirur

Dr. Jayakumar C, Trivandrum

Dr. Jayakumari C, Trivandrum

Dr.Jayalekshmi R.Kurup, Kochi

Dr.Jayaprakash P, Kochi

Dr.Johnny Kannampilly, Kochi

Dr.Jose Ukken

Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev, Trivandrum

Dr.Kurian Xavier

Dr.Madhu N, Paravoor

Dr.Madhusudanan S, Trivandrum

Dr.Manikandan G.R, Trivandrum

Dr.Mathew Thomas, Trivandrum

Dr.Mathew John, Trivandrum

Dr.Mathew Jacob, Kottarakara

Dr.Mohan T. Shenoy, Trivandrum

Dr.Mohan Varghese, Thiruvalla

Dr.Mohanan Nair, Trivandrum

Dr.Parvathy L, Kochi

Dr.Parameswari S

Dr.Prasanna Kumar T

Dr.Prasanth Sankar, Pathanamthitta

Dr.Rajalakshmi Arjun, Trivandrum

Dr.Rajalakshmy S, Trivandrum

Dr.Raj Mohan L, Trivandrum

Dr.Radhakrishnan A. P, Palakkad

Dr.Rafiq Mohammed, Kochi

Dr.Ramesan Pillai, Trivandrum

Dr.Rohit Warrier, Kochi

Dr.Roy R. Chandran, Alappuzha

Dr.Riyaz I

Dr.Sabeer A. Rasheed, Trivandrum

Dr.Santhosh K. R, Trivandrum

Dr.Sandeep R, Trivandrum

Dr.Seenaj Chandran, Kochi

Dr.Shiji P. V, Calicut

Dr.Sojan Scaria

Dr.Sreejith N. Kumar, Trivandrum

Dr.Sreekumar R. C, Trivandrum

Dr.Sreenivasa Kammath, Kochi

Dr.Sunil Prasobh P, Trivandrum

Ms.Sunitha Jothydev, Trivandrum

Dr.Sumesh Raj, Trivandrum

Dr.Syam Sunder O.S, Trivandrum

Dr.Thankam D, Trivandrum

Dr.Thomas Paul, Angamaly

Dr.Thomas Titus, Trivandrum

Dr.Thushanth Thomas, Trivandrum

Dr.Tiny Nair, Trivandrum

Dr.Vasudevan Potty, Trivandrum

Dr.Vijayakumar G, Pandalam

JPEF Organising Committee

Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev, Organising Secretary
Dr.Arun Shankar, Organising Chairman
Ms.Gopika Krishnan, Chief Organiser
Dr.Ashwin David, Joint Organising Secretary
Dr.Rohit Warrier, Convenor, Scientific Committee

Ms.Sunitha Jothydev, Conference Director
Dt.Geethu Sanal, Convenor, Nutrition Stream
Mr.Prasad H, Convenor, Logistics
Ms.KavithaVinu, Convenor, Housing

JPEF Award Committee

Chairperson: Dr.Georgi Abraham
Members: Dr.Ashok Kumar Das, Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev

Scientific Abstracts Committee

Chairperson: Dr. Raveendran A.V
Members:Dr.Sumesh Raj, Dr.RohitWarrier, Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev, Ms.Gopika Krishnan

National Scientific Committee

Dr.Shashank Joshi, Mumbai

Dr.A.Muruganathan, Tirupur

Dr.Banshi Saboo, Ahmedabad

Dr.Brij Mohan Makkar, New Delhi

Dr.Anuj Maheshwari, Lucknow

Dr.Anjana Ranjit Mohan, Chennai

Dr.Rajiv Kovil, Mumbai

Local Scientific Committee

Dr.Anitha Nambiar S, Kochi

Dr.Chandni R, Calicut

Dr.Mathew John, Trivandrum

Dr.Johnny Kannampilly, Kochi

Dr.Mohanan Nair, Trivandrum

Dr.Anand Pillai, Trivandrum

Local Organising Committee

Dr.Benny P. V, Trivandrum

Dr.Jayakrishnan B, Tirur

Dr.Roy R Chandran, Alleppey

Dr.Sabeer A Rasheed, Trivandrum

Dr.Radhakrishnan A. P, Palakkad

Dr.Jayalekshmi R.Kurup, Kochi

Dr. Sunil Prasobh P, Trivandrum

Dr.Ajith Kumar S, Trivandrum


Dr.Madhusoodanan - Trivandrum, Dr.Shaukat M. Sadikot - Mumbai, Dr.Satish Garg - USA