Jothydev is well known as very successful public health educator. He is invited regularly by various associations, churches, schools, colleges, offices etc.,  for live interactive discussions on various health related issues. We are presenting here, a few among them.

University College Grounds during Onam Celebrations 2000
A Diabetic health awareness public interactive talk on selected questions and answers.

One Selected Question and Answer
Que:- I am a 40 year old College lecturer very active and healthy. 4 months back I had  difficulty in vision and consulted an Ophthalmologist. My vision got corrected with a pair of spectacles. A month later I had itching in my genitalia and consulted a physician. He ordered for blood sugar estimation and the value was alarming , above 400; still I did not have tiredness or increased appetite. With medications my blood sugar value came down. But surprisingly my vision again went wrong and consulted another ophthalmologist . He said that the power has changed. I had to again go for another pair of glasses. Does it mean that my power has changed.  Is it due to Diabetes?


Ans:- Its a good question and there are two important messages hidden within the question. One is the occurrence of Diabetes without overt symptoms. It is quite common and that is exactly why, it is recommended that healthy people should screen for early detection of Diabetes before complications occur in other organs.

Unfortunately Diabetes is diagnosed after approximately 5 to 7 years of its actual occurrence. Fluctuations in the blood sugar value will have an influence on the vision. The human lens being composed of proteinacious material will get altered, when the blood sugar changes. A diabetic patient should go for a new pair of lenses only after properly controlling the blood sugar value. In this case, you may not even require glasses since the vision was normal before the disease.

Cataract and Retinopathy are the prominent characteristics of long standing Diabetes. All Diabetic patients require an yearly consultation by an expert ophthalmologist

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